Protein Rich Fruits



When it comes to dietary sources of protein, there is always a lot of curiosity. This is because it’s not just the supply of this essential macro-nutrient that matters for you, but the packaging or the nutritional profile of the source food also impacts your health. This is why red meats, despite being rich in protein, may not be considered good sources of protein, because they’re also rich in saturated fat.

Fruits are rich in a rainbow of nutrients, right from all the essential vitamins that play a part in maintaining the health of various body functions, to energising natural sugars and satiating fibre.

Guava is Vitamin C-rich fruit is savoured raw or in salads, and is even added to juices and drinks for a flavourful punch. Guava is rich in fibre as a 100 gram portion of the fruit contains 5 grams of it, according to USDA, and the same portion contains 2.6 grams of proteins.

Dates is sugary sweet fruit has been consumed in Middle-eastern countries as a staple for centuries now. Pitted dates are stuffed with a variety of ingredients and are even consumed in the form of a sweetening paste for milkshakes and baked goods as well. A 100 gram portion of dates contains 2.45 grams of protein

Prunes is Another dried fruit that is relatively rich in protein is the prune. These are made by de-hydrating ripened plums and it contains a wide-range of essential minerals and vitamins, along with some important macro-nutrients.

You may consider adding these fruits to your diet, more for deriving other benefits from them, rather than looking at them as reliable sources of protein.

Blackberries, is another Protein Rich Fruits. Two grams of protein per cup, we’re starting to scrape the bottom of the protein barrel, but blackberries still offer enough to make our list. They also pack in plenty of fiber, vitamins, and minerals for a good healthy snack.