How to maintain mental health during covid?

Worldwide during covid-19 Mental Health Foundation is part of the national mental health response during the coronavirus outbreak. Government advice designed to keep us safe is under constant review. Psychologists have long recognized that anxiety is a normal and healthy function that alerts us to threats and helps us take measures to protect ourselves. Moreover Stress can cause due to tobacco, alcohol & other habits.

mental health


It is also important to know that many symptoms of COVID-19 can be treated. Advises to tell your parents or a trusted adult if you are feeling unwell or if you are worried about the virus, so that they can help you. Psychologists know that when people are in chronically difficult conditions it’s helpful to divide the problem into two categories: things they can do something about, and then things they can do nothing about.

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It can be easy to overlook your mental health when you have to navigate new, stressful circumstances. But it’s times like these that make it important to pay attention to your mental health more than ever. All of these new challenges—worrying about you or a family member getting sick, lack of a regular daily routine, homeschooling your children while you and your spouse are working from home, and potential economic hardships—add up to heightened stress levels and can result in bouts of anxiety and depression. And if you’re one of the estimated 1-in-5 people in the United States who suffer from a mental health issue, these stressors can make your struggle that much harder.

Follow hygiene advice such as washing your hands more often than usual, for 20 seconds with soap and hot water (sing ‘happy birthday’ to yourself twice to make sure you do this for 20 seconds). You should do this whenever you get home or into work, blow your nose, sneeze or cough, eat or handle food. If you can’t wash your hands straightaway, use hand sanitizer and then wash them at the next opportunity.

Missing events with friends, hobbies and sports is very disappointing. “These are major losses. They are very upsetting for all, including teenagers. What is the best way to deal with disappointment? Allow yourself to feel it. “When it comes to having a painful feeling, the only way out is through. Go be sad, and if you allow yourself to do it, you will feel better soon.

Maintaining relationships with your friends and extended family is crucial to your mental well being. Even though you can’t physically be with your best friends or your favorite relatives, you can still reach out to them to make sure they’re doing okay. Set some time aside each day to contact at least one of your friends or family members. Plan some time with your friend group for a video conference hang-out. Many workplaces are scheduling virtual happy hours for their employees to talk and have a little fun in isolation should help.

Plan your finances this winter , including making sure you are getting any benefits you are entitled to and getting help with any debt concerns you may have. With different restrictions in place, using a budget tool to redo your household budget for being at home could be useful.

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