Daily habits that can cause piles

Piles are a common condition that can affect people of all ages. People who have piles may experience painful bowel movements, painless bleeding during bowel movements, and itching or irritation around the anal region. Piles are usually swollen or bulged blood vessels around the anus and lower rectum. It develops when there is increased pressure on the blood vessel near the anus or lower rectum.

Vikas Chawla, Ayurveda Expert, Vedas Cure, suggests, “Eating legumes are the most comforting meal for a person suffering from piles. It is easily digestible and also relieves an upset stomach from irritations and inflammation caused by the condition of piles. Whole grains like brown rice, corn, oats and barley should also be an indispensable part of the diet to control piles. Unlike spicy foods, which trigger and aggravate the condition of a person who has piles, whole grains are beneficial for the smooth digestion process and overall stomach functioning. Dietary changes are crucial, and without cutting down on fatty foods which contain oily substances, one cannot recover from piles. Broccoli, sweet potatoes, turnips, and carrots can also be healthy substitutes for cravings and contain high levels of nutrition as well

You may think it’s harmless to pick up one end of the couch while you’re moving. But it could cause you to bear down too hard. That increases pressure in the rectum, causing the veins (called the hemorrhoidal plexus) to swell like a balloon, says Darren Brenner, MD, associate professor of medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and a gastroenterologist at Northwestern Medical Group in Chicago. Boom: hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to avoid this completely. Lifting correctly—you know, with your knees, not your back—can help.

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For the same reason hoisting a big box can give you hemorrhoids, so too can lifting heavy weights at the gym, says Dr. Brenner. The idea is to challenge yourself, of course, but make sure that you’re catering the workout to your abilities, and using weights that are right for you. These weight-lifting mistakes can ruin your workout.

Most people rely on home remedies to cure the piles But unfortunately, home remedies do not provide permanent relief. They only help in reducing the severity of piles and provide a temporary solution for the pain and discomfort caused by piles,” says Dr. Sajeet Nayar, MBBS, MS – General Surgery, Diploma in Laparoscopy at Pristyn Care.


With the latest and advanced surgical techniques like lasers, piles can be cured within a day. With the help of laser surgery, what earlier took hours to remove piles is now reduced to 15 to 30 minutes. Once the surgery is done, the patient can go home on the same day.

When thinking about what causes hemorrhoids, consider your toilet time. Sure, it’s nice to hang out with your smartphone in the bathroom—it’s so quiet and relaxing in there!—but sitting too long on an open toilet bowl will cause gravity to put undue stress on these veins. Take all the time you need to go, says Dr. Brenner, but once you’re done, flush and head out. Taking too long in the john? Here’s how to get things moving again when you’re constipated.

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