Can Non-smokers also get lung cancer ?

Most people believe that smoking causes lung cancer. However, you will be surprised to know that those people who have never touched cigarettes in their lives are also getting lung cancer. In non-smokers, cases of lung cancer are increasing rapidly and about 20 percent of cases of lung cancer are seen only among those who do not smoke. Smoking is the greatest risk factor for developing lung cancer, but that doesn’t mean non-smokers are completely protected from the disease.

lung cancer


Cigarette smoking has the greatest influence on your chances of developing cancer. But there are other causes of the disease, which is why non-smokers can develop lung cancer as well. Lung cancer tends to be diagnosed at a younger age in non-smokers compared to smokers. In these instances, the disease is usually traced to one of several factors.

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Radon is a radioactive gas produced when uranium naturally breaks down in soil. It’s possible for radon to be present in your home without you knowing it. Exposure to radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.
Other hand smoke includes smoke exhaled by a smoker and smoke emitted from the lit end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar, or from tobacco burning in a hookah. This type of smoke is responsible for approximately 7,330 lung cancer deaths each year.
Naturally occurring silicate has been used in home insulation, auto manufacturing, shingles, ceiling tiles, flooring, and other everyday materials.

People who don’t smoke avoid the greatest risk factor for lung cancer. But they can make some other lifestyle changes to help reduce their risk even more. In addition to testing your home for radon, avoiding secondhand smoke, and limiting exposures to carcinogens at work , following a healthy eating pattern with a variety of fruits and vegetables may also help reduce your risk of lung cancer. Some evidence suggests that a diet high in fruits and vegetables may help protect against lung cancer in both people who smoke and those who don’t.

Cancer that occurs in smokers and cancer in non-smokers is completely different. Non-smokers who suffer from lung cancer are much younger than smokers and most non-smokers who suffer from lung cancer are women.

Non-smokers are more likely to develop specific types of cancer. Because they have no history of tobacco use, the signs for these cancers are sometimes dismissed as other conditions.

Adenocarcinoma is the most common type of cancer among non-smokers. Adenocarcinomas are tumors that usually grow in the outer regions of the lungs and can be present for a long time before symptoms occur.

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