6 benefits of early morning Running

Running is always a great way to achieve your fitness goals. People, both young and old, engage in running because of its many benefits. It is also one of the simplest forms of exercise. You can try running in the morning, then eat a nutritious breakfast. It can help you to stay energetic throughout the day. And you will perform better at work.

There are many benefits to an early morning run, including increased energy and decreased appetite throughout the day. There’s also the simple satisfaction of knowing you’ve gotten your workout out of the way before facing the conflicting pulls on your time and attention of work, school, friends or family.

1. Early morning workout regimen can help you create a lifelong habit with a world of proven health benefits, from improved mood to a healthier heart and a stronger immune system. Working out in the mornings is a great way to build that healthy habit before the conflicting demands of work, family or school have a chance to derail it.



2. Reduce the risk of heart disease by almost half. A five-minute run every day is what stands between you and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Research shows that runners have a 27% lower risk of early death and a 30% lower risk of death from cardiovascular problems. This is true for all runners, no matter how fast they run or for how long. After a long day at work or in school, the last thing we want to worry about is working more.

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3. Runners are actually less likely to develop joint problems. The reason for this is that runners are likely to be fit and to carry less weight thus reducing the amount of strain on the joints. Running in the morning has also been linked to better and developed muscle strength which helps reduce the chances of osteoarthritis. The main disadvantage of running outside is that you are at the mercy of Mother Nature. It can be too hot to run later in the day, or too dark when the sun sets sooner. Plus, running in the morning reduces the need for sunscreen.

4. It has a very positive impact on your mental health. You can view a morning run as an investment in your body. This creates a sense of self-worth and achievement. Running outside is particularly helpful, as it gives you time to take in the beautiful sights of nature. The earlier you run, the more you will notice, since there won’t be many people or cars around.

5. It help you sleep better at any time of day, but exercising later in the day, especially before bed, can leave some people too restless to fall asleep easily. If you exercise in the morning, however, that energy boost is long gone by the time you’re ready to hit the sheets. It also helps you free up your evenings for socializing and relaxation.

6. It can either be consumed by the body as a source of energy, or it can be stored up as fat. If you are looking to keep fit or trying to lose some weight, you don’t want your body to store up fat. In this case, you should start running in the morning before you have breakfast. This is because, after a workout, your body uses a meal to restore itself rather than storing it up. What’s more, a morning jog will boost your metabolism, helping your body burn calories all through the day.

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